Cultural & Historic Value Through Design

About This Project

Giving back to Hawaiʻiʻs cultural aspects via architecture and design is a priority for OMIZU Architecture. Together with the State of Hawaiʻi Department of Land and Natural Resources (DLNR), our design team was able to create protocol for those intending to see this restricted cultural/historic treasure in person. Closed to the public, this Hawaiian site was being illegally visited, taken advantage of, and vandalized by hikers, visitors to the islands, unaware kamaʻaina, and commercial activity. In order to attempt to stop such degrading activity at such a sacred site the DLNR approached this project from a stance of education and cultural guidance as opposed to fences and strong-armed security. OMIZU Architecture utilized the cultural/historic intelligence of Honua Consulting to speak with caretakers of Kaniakapūpū to develop durable / National Parks cabiler informational signage and the design of low-impact barriers w/ wood chip path to deter visitors from entering the sacred ruins. Successful master planning, low-impact barriers, and educational signage, all of which did not disturb the cultural and historic site led to a Historic Hawaii Foundation Preservation Honor Award in 2021.


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